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            • As-Is and To-Be Enterprise Architectures and Process Analysis
            • Relational Database Design
            • Agile methodology
            • Healthcare Information and Management 
            • Intelligence Systems and Data Analytics
            • Enterprise Resource Planning 
            • User Story Gathering and Assessment
            • RFP/RFI/SOW Development and Responses
            •  Project Management 
            • Cloud Architectures and  Virtualization
            • Web and Cloud-based Document Management System
            • Trade-off and SWOT Analyses


Practice Areas

Military and Space Systems

Enterprise Architecture and Process Analysis

Healthcare IT and Process Analysis


Relational Database Design

Web and Cloud-Based Document Management

Object Oriented Analysis

Software and Technical Training

Agile Methods

Intelligence Systems and Data Analytics

Cloud Technologies

Enterprise Resource Planning

Project Management Software Solutions

Trade-Off and SWOT Analysis

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Todd was instrumental in developing trade studies needed to compare and contrast capabilities based upon user requirements he managed, architecting solutions that coupled with the enterprise, managed the development processes, and insured the delivered systems were properly validated and baselined.
Tom Frommack, President, Triple-F Consulting
Joint IED Defeat Organization
Todd was provided subject matter expertise in leading the development of the NRO {satellite] systems requirements, to include the satellite, ground station, and data storage designs, as well as the entire systems architecture for the system. He quickly developed expertise in a proprietary satellite system simulation tool based on Satellite Toolkit (STK) to develop the ground station deployment architecture based upon satellite orbital parameters.
James Wigfield, Sr VP, SECOM, Inc
National Reconnaissance Office
Todd continues to provide outstanding and very active assistance to clients who have the awesome responsibility of protecting America from terrorists-all the time, every time. Todd has demonstrated a depth of technical skills in practical enterprise architecture and acquisition support. Todd's UML expertise has been an invaluable asset to the U US Intelligence Community -- translating the Sponsor Use Cases into a coherent UML model -- while training the project team on the true definition of a UML model.
John Anderson, Cougaar Software
US Intelligence Community
One's ability is best assessed not under perfect program circumstances but under adverse conditions. Todd worked and performed for a prolonged period under difficult circumstances and certainly helped to move the Railhead program forward. "Expertise" was demonstrated in adapting the formal methods to particular circumstances to meet program objectives. Obtaining agreement from the personnel responsible for these elements of the program in the government program office and prime contractors supports [thee[] assessment of "expert".
Bernard Schuchner, PhD, MITRE Corporation
National Countertert-Terrorism Intelligence Center