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Experience business technology and systems engineering professional with a track record of high performance for government, Commercial, and military clients. I have extensive experience in complex enterprise architecture design, program and project management, systems engineering, technology, software design, Process Analysis, and training. I maintain a passion for solving tough business and technology challenges



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Client: Joint IED Defeat Organization
Contract Value: $250,000

Led the analysis and DoDAF artifact development for an integrated, cloud-based architecture for worldwide Counter-IED intelligence operations. Developed Analysis of Alternatives for Big Data, Data Lakes, and analytic tools to improve our ability to disrupt terrorist and IED networks. Evaluated data search engines, including Bing and Google, as well as bespoke implementations using open-source technologies.

Client: Classified 
Contract Value: $216,000

Performed a deep-dive analysis of wartime communications systems for National Leadership, including SATCOM, long haul leased circuits, and dedicated USG trunks. Evaluated crytographic systems, TCP/IP data stacks, security risks, and maintaining QoS standards for data, imagery, and voice circuits

Client: Office of Naval Intelligence
Contract Value: $300,000

Developed the entire systems engineering and project management plan for CMMA after 9/11. Developed a robust systems architecture to allow intel analysts to prepare target decks in a matter of hours instead of days. Designed all artifacts for system development, including system redundancies, COOP plans, and security design. System was fully operational within one year of 9/11 attacks.

Client: National Reconnaissance Office/Spectrum Astro
Contract Value: $70,000

Lead systems engineer for R&D and subject matter expert consulting to Spectrum Astro (now part of General Dynamics) a satellite development and manufacturing company, creating a new vision and architecture for NRO satellites systems. Used a variety of analysis tools, including GDPro, STK, and COCOMO to provide in-depth development and analysis of systems architecture options.

Client: GeoEye Corp.
Contract Value: $90,000

As a consultant providing UML expertise, worked on ground station software redesign, building the new architecture and design artifacts using UML notation. Design incorporated both commercial and DoD classified imagery services, with a security layer protecting the integrity of the classified services.